Verizon Brings In C.O.B.R.A. For Self-Defense Training

Corporate Giant Verizon Brings In A Top Self-Defense Company To Train Their Employees



Verizon contacted C.O.B.R.A. with the specific need for self-defense training. We were added to their Verizon university training itinerary for their regional sales force.  Representatives for Verizon expressed that in an employee poll there was a great deal of interest in self-defense training.

In todays world businesses both small and large understand how important self-defense and Active Shooter training is for their staff / employees. C.O.B.R.A. self-defense professionals have been contacted by many corporations, groups and organizations to provide training for their employees.



Typical Training Request From These Companies Include:

* Conflict Avoidance & Resolution

* Reality Self-Defense & Anti-Abduction

* Job Specific Out In The Field

*Active Shooter Response Planing

*Threat Recognition & Cyber Safety



A Few Verizon Employee Testimonials

“This was a great experience for me as a single 29-year-old female. I work late nights and come home late. Looking forward to taking the training in New Jersey.”

Karen Q


“This was one of the most informative, and enlightening class I have ever attended! It was fun and I learned a lot! Thank you for practical advice I can use now.”

Kacey C


“I learned new things that I will take away and think it would be a great team building experience. Definitely bringing them back!”

Massiel & Marylinn Miami Team


“I highly recommend this for others in government teams like me. This class was fantastic! “


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