Mom Says What She Taught Her Daughters About Self-Defense Was Wrong

The Right Way to Learn Self-Defense

COBRA Self-Defense instructor Jessica Harden was profiled on after she added COBRA-Defense classes into her fitness and nutrition training business over the summer and business has been growing. A former high school security officer and mother of three, Harden has a vested interest in keeping women and girls safe.

In the article Harden says, “Being a mom of three daughters, I always thought I knew what to teach them to protect them if they were ever attacked or assaulted. Learning what I now know through my training with COBRA, I was wrong. It kind of blew my mind.”

COBRA Self-Defense instructor Jessica Harden

As high profile school assaults are surging, Harden is seeing an increase in demand for self-defense and safety training. She enrolled and graduated from the COBRA-Defense Instructor Certification Program and added COBRA-Defense to her personal training and nutrition business named JFIT. 

COBRA-Defense was created by Chris Sutton, who is a former law enforcement officer with martial arts experience.

Harden says that one of the surprising benefits of getting COBRA-Defense Certified is “myth-busting.” She helps her students to gain a realistic perspective and understanding of what actually happens before, during, and after a violent attack.

Harden’s classes start with prevention. She teaches to, “be aware of your surroundings, not walking with your head down on your phone, not wearing ear buds.” She then moves into hands-on self-defense techniques.

She said raising awareness on safety is important, even in Loudoun where crime rates are relatively low.

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