The Top 5 Benefits Of Being in the Self-Defense Business During Covid

How Can  Covid Be Good for the Self-Defense Business?

You can’t turn on the T.V. or check the web without hearing the negative aspects of Covid.  Surprisingly the COBRA organization has had it’s top two years while Covid was in full force.

Why is that?

5 Reasons Covid Has Been Great for Business.


1. It keeps putting low performing businesses OUT of business.  Many in the membership based businesses were barely hanging on when Covid hit and now they are closed leaving the market open to the top tier programs. It’s like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

2. Many people that lost their jobs, retired from police work or a long career, now they have a fantastic option when they join COBRA to be an Entrepreneur and their own boss with unlimited income potential.

3. It has highlighted the need for individuals to get real self-defense training. Violence on T.V. has been in the forefront which has set a priority for individuals, families and companies the seek out real self-defense training.


 4. COBRA offers many low to no contact training seminars. COBRA also offers a full online self-defense training dashboard which most in the market do not. These training options are comprehensive and market friendly especially when other restrictions are unfortunately imposed.

5. The COBRA Self-Defense Business platform is very flexible and has the experience of  going through the 2008 financial crisis and covid . This allows COBRA as a global network to be able to understand what it takes to succeed in the most difficult situations and we consult all COBRA owners  on how to due so.











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