Looking for Your Concealed Firearm Carry License? COBRA is the Answer.

The COBRA Headquarters is now Certified for Concealed Carry and Firearm Instruction

Why choose to train with COBRA for your concealed carry permit?


  • COBRA Defense was created from real Law Enforcement training and experience.  A CWP course instructed based on Law Enforcement training and experience is far more impact-full than the run of the mill course.
  • COBRA includes reality-based self-defense options for training. While it’s not a requirement, many who get a CWP also want real self-defense skills and COBRA Defense offers many options.
  • Weapon retention training will be covered. Even a seasoned police officer knows many are killed by their own weapon due to lacking a very specific skill. Weapon retention. It’s very easy to learn and part of all of our training sessions.


  • COBRA Defense International is a world leader in Active Shooter Response Training and Anti-abduction Training.
  • COBRA Defense International has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world which gives us a professional pedigree and edge many do not have.
  • Train with the top tier instructors in the COBRA Defense International brand. Courses will be lead by COBRA President Chris Sutton and COBRA Chief Operating Officer Mark McKay.
  • All attendees receive an Amazon Best-seller self-defense book, “The Psychology of Self-Defense” at no cost.
  • All Attendees receive a 12-month digital subscription to the SelfDefenseCollege.com. Here you can watch and train along with 100s of self-defense videos on any digital device in the comfort of your own home.

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We host concealed weapons classes for the Tampa Bay area , Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando County and the surrounding areas.