How do Realtors Stay Safe on the Job?

Those who work in the Real Estate Industry face numerous challenges on the job. Most of the time they are meeting strangers in locations that have no witnesses. Realtors and Real Estate agents often do not have a strong safety protocol and very rarely have the physical training to fend off a violent attack. Many Realtors admittedly don’t follow the in place safety protocols as time is money in the Real Estate business.

Realtors Now Have a Great Safety Protocol Option

COBRA Self-Defense has a Realtor specific Agent Safety Protocol. Conducted in a workshop format agents learn numerous agent specific self-defense strategies.

From ant-abduction training to safety strategies for showing a property, this training could save an agents life.
COBRA-Defense has trained thousands of Realtors and many major Real Estate Companies such as The Kentucky Board of Realtors. Keller Williams, Charles Rutenburg, Remaxx, UPAR and many more

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