Has Your Child Taken this Course?

COBRA-Defense International has launched the Child Abduction Prevention course or C.A,P . The C.A.P. course is offered worldwide by authorized COBRA training centers only. The course has one single training focus and that is keeping children safe from abductions.

What Do They Learn in the C.A.P. Program?

In just a few hours they will learn:

*Who can be a threat

*How to respond to a threat

*What not to do and why

*Physical techniques against an adult attacker

*How to verbalize in a threatening situation

*Anti-abduction techniques

*Vehicle abduction prevention

*Effective Physical Techniques

*Live 911 scenarios

How can you get your child into the Child Abduction Prevent course? You can download the APP to find a COBRA Authorized training center near you or visit www.CobraDefenseSystem.com


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Google App

This is an empowering and exciting way for children to learn life saving skills.