C.O.B.R.A. Featured For Female Self-Defense – Do You Need Self-Defense If You Have A Weapon?

I Don’t Need Self-Defense , I Have A Weapon

10 News featured C.O.B.R.A. along side of a weapons for females story. It was to show the effectiveness of certain weapons disguised as everyday objects.  The effectiveness of most weapons relies on a few factors.



How often do you train with it?


Can you get it out in time?


Can you use it under extreme stress?


Can you hold on to it if someone tries to take it?



Real Self-Defense Doesn’t Have To Be Concealed and No Permit Is Necessary

Weapons are great and can stop a criminal in their tracks. The challenge for most is the “over reliance” on a weapon to effectively protect them and their family. The best formula is to have actual empty hand self-defense skills with the addition of a weapon, that you are very good with. Law Enforcement often find victims badly beaten or worse clinging to their weapon.








Here is The Full News 10 WTSP Story