5 Tips To Keep You Safe While Holiday Shopping – C.O.B.R.A. Defense News Feature

Expert Self-Defense Tips For Holiday Shopping














Parking Lot Safety-Lock and Relocate

This is a simple strategy we teach in COBRA that keeps people safe in parking lots. It’s impossible to be aware of your surroundings with your head down checking your smarts phone. We shared this and many other strategies with the news when they called us for a story.


Courtney Robinson, WTSP ST. PETERSBURG – Holiday shopping is already turning violent. In Jacksonville, officers say shoplifters stabbed a Target employee. In Charlotte, N.C., two shoplifters were arrested after using a stun gun on a Walmart greeter.  And Sarasota County deputies busted a man who was caught on camera looking up the skirts of unsuspecting shoppers.

Think about how you shop. You probably have your purse, your shopping bags and you’re probably on your cell phone, too. It’s how most women shop. You’re focused on the deals and not on the people that could be shopping for you.

Chris Sutton founded C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Systems. He went shopping with 10 News producer Alexa Davies.  He watched as she walked to her car, bags in hand, purse across her body as she checked her Facebook feed. Sutton says to a criminal she would be an easy target.  Get The Full Story Here